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All terms, agreements, and policies may be updated or amended from time-to-time

ADLC will build your responsive multi-screen website using information and pictures provided by (you) the "Client". ADLC will provide a form to client to assist in gathering content required for new website development. ADLC will not be responsible in any way if client provides copyrighted information, graphics, pictures, or other web elements.

ADLC will develop your new responsive multi-screen website and present to you for approval before the site goes live.

  1. Term: The “Original Work” services are provided on a fixed term basis. New Responsive – Multi-Screen websites will be billed at $149 a month for twelve (12) months. After the twelve (12) month period the hosting and maintenance fee will reduce to $59.95 a month (This fee keeps the website live on the Internet and all email accounts active for the domain). There are no contracts with ADLC, and after the first twelve (12) months the monthly hosting will be on a month-to-month basis. 

  2. TERMINATION FEES: Client agrees to pay ADLC a fee of $149 per month for one (1) year for the above listed package. If Client wishes to cancel service before the one (1) year term, The CLIENT agrees to pay the remaining $149 monthly fee equal to a one-year term. (If Client has paid for the “Original Work” for six months and wishes to terminate contract – then the Client would be liable for the remaining six (6) months of monthly fees which would equal one (1) year per this agreement. ADLC would process the Clients credit card on file for the remaining fees to be paid in full at the time of termination. 

  3. Notice of Termination: You must provide ADLC with notice of termination in writing by fax to 770.452.3641 or by e-mail to support@adlcllc.com. You shall provide ADLC with sufficient identification information so that ADLC may properly identify you and your account. Any notice of termination will be effective thirty (30) days following ADLC’s receipt thereof.

  4. Charges: You agree to pay all fees and charges which relate to your use of our web hosting or graphic design services. 

  5. Payment: Responsive Website Design – The initial payment of $149 Is required prior to the website going “live”.

  6. Graphic Design: Custom artwork, Logo Design, etc. is billed at $85 an hour. A set fee will be discussed with the client regarding the scope of work for each project. 50% of the discussed “set fee” will be required to begin the graphic design concept. Once the client approves of the completed work the remaining 50% balance will be due. Once the final payment is received the original artwork and all files associated with the graphic design will be sent to the client in a zip file.

  7. Commercial Printing Services: All commercial printing is paid in advance to ADLC including shipping rates. Once ADLC receives payment from clients the printed marketing materials will be ordered and shipped to the address specified by client. 

  8. Methods of Payment: All Responsive Multi-screen websites must be activated by using a Credit Card/Debit Card and will be processed monthly for the fees associated with your agreement. ADLC will send you a Credit Card Authorization form for internal use. 

  9. Form of Payment: ADLC accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. Cash and Company checks are also accepted.

  10. Currency: All monetary amounts expressed in this Agreement are in U.S. dollars.

  11. Failure to Pay: Failure of monthly direct debit/credit card payments for all Responsive Websites must be corrected by the client. If you fail update and correct the billing for your monthly fees within five (5) days from due date for credit card payments, the users sites will be suspended from public view. If the billing information has not been updated/corrected within an additional five (5) days the users site will be terminated and deleted. You are responsible for any fees associated with reinstating the services. Any such termination would not relieve you from paying past due fees.

  12. Domain Names: All new Responsive Multi-screen Web Design Projects include a free (one time) domain registration for the first year. ADLC will register such domain name(s) selected by you, provided that such domain name is available for registration. The client will then be billed $15 a year for as long as they would like to own the domain.

  13. If you already own your own domain(s): You will provide ADLC with a registered domain name or names and the username and password to access these domains. ADLC at its own expense will transfer your existing domain to our system for DNS configuration and email setup. Once domain is transferred to our system the renewal date will be extended for one year.

  14. If you purchase your own domain from our website: The WHOIS database stores the information and is kept there for a period of one year, until the date of renewal. Payment with respect to domain names will NOT be refunded or credited to your credit card. You are responsible for spelling a domain name correctly while registering it online. ADLC will not provide refunds or credits for misspelled domain names.

  15. Interruption of Service: You hereby acknowledge and agree that ADLC and its suppliers will NOT be liable for any delay, outages or interruptions of the services. Further, ADLC shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement, where such delay or failure results from any act of God or other cause beyond its reasonable control (including, without limitation, any mechanical, electrical electronic, communications or third-party supplier failure).

  16. Guarantees: ADLC strongly believes that the services we offer will help grow your business by generating more traffic to your website, engaging more customers to contact you, and increasing sales due to better customer engagement, and a better overall Internet experience across multi-screen devices.

  17. ADLC makes no guarantees that our Responsive Web Design Services or any of our other services will increase your business, increase your revenue, or give you a #1 ranking with Google.


  18. Client will grant ADLC complete access to Clients existing website, and existing domain, including all write permissions necessary for the work. 

  19. ADLC agrees that any knowledge gained as a result of this relationship shall remain confidential.

  20. ADLC further agrees that all of the Client’s materials accessed during the website maintenance, including but not limited to logos, written materials, and products, belong solely to the Client. ADLC has no rights to these items in any way.

  21. ADLC will maintain ownership of the specific designs, including texts, graphics and photos, that he/she/it creates for the purposes of this website maintenance.

  22. ADLC will maintain the right to use any part of the website in his/her/its portfolio or advertising campaign.

    Any communications by you to ADLC can be done by sending an email to 
    support@adlcllc.com or by fax to 770.452.3641.
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